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michelle rodriguez

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not in the movie 10 years ago
this scene is not in the movie
Otm Shank 6 years ago
this was for James Cameron's secret stash
Reply to MRod guy 6 years ago
well mate by you searching michelle's name on a porn site, your already objectifying her. What did you expect? That the site will tell you "there are no porn videos for Michelle Rodriguez you retarded horny bitch"?
jjjjjj 6 years ago
Wanna see her going fully nude....
Supercoolrobloxkid 2 years ago
This ain’t fast and the furious
mn,n 7 years ago
first commenter is a fucking retard
jman 9 years ago
people are just going to watch her like this in her movies anyway why not do it on a porn site and not in your living room while watching the movie #fastfact
me to agree !!! 9 years ago
this is porn site man,,, what did u expect???
To the guy below me 10 years ago
dude what did you expect? this is a porn site, there's a bunch of celeb videos on here, just because it's Michelle Rodriguez doesn't make it any different. Overprotective fanboy over here lol
MRod on a porn site? 10 years ago
I'm all for movie sex scenes and I love Michelle Rodriguez, I'm a big fan, but why show her on a porn site? I admit I looked up her name in the search because I was curious, but this is kind of fucked up. Michelle is an amazing, beautiful, intelligent, sweet woman and shouldn't be objectified. This is coming from a guy, I love MRod, I think she is beautiful and sexy, but she deserves better than being viewed this way.